Welcome to the new edition to shelbylueders.com. As a recent college graduate and what seems like an stretch of time before I figure out what I want to do with my life, I figured what better way to take up that stressful-boredom than be productive about the books I’ve been reading? Back in January, for my New Year’s Resolution, I decided that I wouldn’t do any silly self-help type of resolution, but instead I would focus on my reading. I wanted, and so far have succeeded in, reading four non-academic books a month, seeing as how reading is what brought me to my Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and it’s where I will continue.

I wanted to do something more than just reading. I was greatly inspired by the website and instagram of fellow book blogger Twirling Pages. Her reviews, book choices, and photos are adorable and captivating; so through inspiration of her, I thought why not? And that’s what brought me to create A Lit Major’s Bookshelf.

The title, though slightly pretentious, is supposed to cultivate thought in my audience before they even get to my reviews or discussions. What type of literature would be on a lit major’s bookshelf? Is it specific? Only academic? Or diverse and expanse? Well, I can say it’s all of the above. My Shakespeare collection is specific, but vast seeing as that is my speciality academically. However, I don’t sit around and read 500 year old plays all day; I enjoy young adult novels, romantic comedies, fantasy and fiction, contemporary, historical fiction, and, of course, critical analysis of literature. I read a whole bunch of everything, but those are my favorite genres to kick back in and explore.

A quick disclaimer of my reviews: these are clearly biased pieces of writing. I am not getting paid or attributed for them at all (though that would be awesome!). I am simply writing them to write them for myself, friends, and anyone who would like to read them. I claim none of the quotes or other indications from the books as my own–they are solely there to demonstrate the points I am trying to make.

A Lit Major’s Bookshelf is a hub for interesting and opinionated reviews and discussions about all different genres of books, ranging from classics like Shakespeare, to old and modern memoirs, to young adult romance, and more. Some reviews of mine can also be found at mixtakepress.com.