First Bookstore Discount Haul!

Now that I work at an actual bookstore (it’s not a cool independent bookstore like I wish it was, but instead a very classic Barns and Noble), that means I get a discount on books. This is mostly the reason I work there, because I don’t even get to work with the books. Instead, I’m a barista at their in house Starbucks. If that isn’t lame then I don’t know what is.

Yesterday, I decided that even though I worked from 7:30 AM until 4:00PM, I was gonna go book shopping. During my first fifteen minute break I scoped out all of the tables and the young adult section. There were few books that I had seen before, such as Love and Gelato and The Vorrh that I knew I wanted to pick up, but then added some of the other ones. Once that clock hit 4PM, I was outta my apron, credit card in hand and I picked up this haul.

  • Beware That Girl — Teresa Toten // I was drawn to this book by the The Girl on the Train vibe the cover gave off, but then the blurb is nothing like The Girl on the Train, which intrigued me more
  • The Unexpected Everything — Morgan Matson // It’s Morgan Freaking Matson; need I say more? I don’t even know what this is about, only that it’s written by her.
  • Nice is Just a Place in France: How to Win at Basically Everything — The Betches // This book is probably every thought I’ve ever had but was raised too nice to ever say it
  • The Vorrh — B. Catling // Moons interest me. This probably has nothing to do with moons, but everyone is saying that it is an amazing piece of fantasy that our current century hasn’t seen yet.
  • The Regulars — Georgia Clark // Love the cover, love the vibe, I too am an aspiring magazine copy editor, so what’s not to love?
  • Love and Gelato — Jenna Evans Welch // The cover is cute and while it seems like it might be cliche, it still looks like a good time.
  • Red Queen — Victoria Aveyard // This right off the bat reminds me of A Court of Roses and Thorns so I bought it.

I think I am most excited to read The Regulars because it looks super interesting, different from what I have been reading, and it’s gotten pretty great reviews. The cover art constantly pulls me in because I love the minimalist style and since the cover really doesn’t say anything–neither does the title I might add–the reader is still left with a yearning to find out what this book is really about.

I still have a gajillion books from my last haul to read like Six of Crows and The Love that Split the World as well as complete the next five books of the Pendragon series my boyfriend just got me. ANNND keep reading and reviewing books from NetGalley, so I definitely have my hands full! However, having your hands full of books is always a good thing.

Are you guys excited to read any of these titles? Which ones look the best to you?


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